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About Me...

I completed my basic medical qualification in Belgium in 1997 at the Catholic University of Louvain. I subsequently moved to the United Kingdom and completed my basic psychiatric training in Scotland before moving to Yorkshire where I completed my highest training in 2006.

I am on the GMC Specialist Register for general and forensic psychiatry. I have worked as a consultant psychiatrist in the NHS and the private sector. I have also worked as a clinical director for Partnerships in Care.

Currently, I continue to work in the private sector as a consultant general and forensic psychiatrist and I also work part-time as the clinical director for mental health in the UK for Bupa.

Over the years I have developed a private practice offering psychiatric assessments and treatments to individual patients. I am also regularly approached for the preparation of medico-legal reports.

During recent years I have obtained a Masters Qualification in Mental Health Law (LLM) and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

I firmly believe that the provision of psychiatric care should be of at least the same quality as what we would expect in any other areas of medicine. When people suffer from mental health difficulties it can often cause them to feel as if “nobody in the world understands”. Such beliefs may lead to isolation and impact upon many areas of life. I am therefore of the view that it is important for the right treatments to be made available without any significant delays.

I am also of the view that any decisions surrounding your treatment should be taken in partnership between the patient and clinician. In order for such an approach to succeed it is crucial that these discussions can take place in a comfortable setting. Should you wish, I am always happy for you to bring a friend or relative to your consultation if you feel that this would offer you additional support, or to help you to formulate or remember any questions you may have.

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Pablo Vandenabeele
Pablo Vandenabeele